Letterman Jacket Vintage

Letterman Jacket Vintage

Letterman Jacket Vintage

crafted from high-quality Cotton Fleece combines Columbia blue for the body and Black for the sleeves, creating a timeless blend of comfort and style. Each Letterman Jacket Vintage is meticulously designed with 100% acrylic ribbing on the collar, bottom, and sleeve cuffs in Black, accented by dual lines of Columbia blue for a classic varsity look. The closure is secured with premium varsity snaps in Black, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Inside, our jackets feature a quilted diamond laser lining in Black, not only providing warmth but also offering a canvas for personalization. You have the option to add custom patches, logos, initials, or names to the inside lining, making each Letterman Jacket Vintage uniquely yours. The design includes two front slash pockets and one internal pocket, all made from durable Black Cotton Fleece, adding practicality to the stylish exterior. Your Product Is Here!

Customization: Letterman Jacket Vintage

Our Customized Varsity Letterman Jacket allows you to personalize your style effortlessly. Whether you’re looking to add your name, letters, logos, patches, or even your team emblem, our jackets offer versatile options for customization. Choose from a variety of materials, colors, ribbing styles, sleeve options (classic or raglan), closures (zipper or snaps), and pocket designs to create a jacket that perfectly suits your taste and requirements. Design your jacket here! 

Letterman Jacket Vintage

Bulk Orders:

For bulk buyers, wholesalers, brands, or teams, we provide competitive pricing and attractive promotions throughout the year. Customize jackets with your own brand labels or tags to align with your specific branding needs. Our bulk order process ensures seamless customization and timely delivery to meet organizational or event deadlines. You Can Place Your Bulk Order Here!

Design Your Own Varsity Jackets:

Explore our user-friendly design tool to bring your vision to life. Design Your Own Letterman Jacket Vintage by selecting materials such as Genuine Leather Sleeves with Wool Body, Wool Body with Wool Sleeves, Twill Cotton Polyester, Cotton Fleece 320 GSM, Satin Polyester, or Genuine Leather for both body and sleeves. Experiment with different colors, embroidery styles, patches, logos, letters, and emblems to create unique jackets for individuals or teams.

Varsity Jacket Combinations:

We offer a diverse range of material combinations to suit various preferences and needs. Whether you prefer the luxurious feel of Genuine Leather with Wool or the practicality of Cotton Fleece, our jackets are designed to meet your expectations in terms of comfort, durability, and style.


Each jacket is equipped with high-quality features such as Polish Coated Snaps or optional Brass Zipper closures, acrylic ribbing in Cotton or 100% Polyester for enhanced durability and comfort, and a quilted laser pattern lining inside for additional warmth and customization options. The Letterman Jacket Vintage also includes two front pockets and an internal pocket for convenience, along with woven label instructions and a tag card for added detail.

Letterman Jacket Vintage


Throughout the year, take advantage of our promotional offers to acquire premium Letterman Jacket Vintage at unbeatable prices. Whether it’s a seasonal discount, holiday special, or event promotion, we strive to make high-quality jackets more accessible while maintaining our commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Quality Control (QC):

Our experienced QC team ensures that every Letterman Jacket Vintage meets rigorous quality standards before it reaches our customers. With decades of combined experience working with renowned brands worldwide, we guarantee defect-free products of exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Reviews and Social Network:

Visit our Facebook, Instagram, and Google Review pages for customer testimonials, detailed photos, and insights into our jackets’ craftsmanship and customization options. Join our social media community to stay updated on new releases, promotions, and customer experiences.

Shipping and Delivery:

Our dedicated shipping and logistics team prioritizes timely deliveries, competitive freight rates, and comprehensive shipment tracking updates to ensure a seamless buying experience. We strive to provide reliable shipping services that meet your expectations for efficiency and reliability.

Customer Support:


Our 24/7 helpline via chat messenger or WhatsApp, as well as email support at help@designvarsityjackets.com, is always available to assist you with any inquiries, customization requests, or assistance regarding our products and services.

Thank you for visiting our site and considering our Vintage Letterman Jackets. Explore our offerings, unleash your creativity, and experience the unparalleled quality and craftsmanship of our custom-designed Letterman Jacket Vintage. Embrace the timeless appeal of varsity fashion with a jacket that reflects your unique style and personality.

Letterman Jacket Vintage

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